Maps created since Nov 2006:

Aardvark Map is a free, easy-to-use mapping facility that works with Google Maps
to allow you to add maps to websites, emails or forum posts. It requires no programming knowledge or expertise, and it will take you just a few minutes to create a map.

The maps can be used in a whole variety of ways. For example, you could:

add a map to your business website showing the location of your office(s)

send a map to friends, identifying a place where you want to meet

add a map to a hotel website and show the tourist attractions that are nearby

create a map of a conference, wedding or concert venue, and show hotels nearby

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(All maps created are subject to the Terms of Use - click here for a summary)

  How Aardvark Map works  

To make creating a map as easy as possible it is split into 3 steps

Step 1:   Create/edit your map and add your own custom marker(s)
Step 2:   Add additional optional data overlay(s), as supplied by Aardvark Map
Step 3:   Save the map and get your preferred display or linking code

Each step has a quick introduction at the top, and help is available by clicking the "Help (?)" link.
If you click help, the main content is pushed down just below the help section.

The map generation system has been designed to be as self-explanatory as possible,
but you may still find useful tips and assistance within the help sections as you go through.

To start creating a new map with step 1, click here

If you have previously created a map with Aardvark Map and wish to edit it, click here

Use the buttons at the top of the pages to go to a previous step, not the browser back button!

  Retrieve an existing map Help (?)

This step allows you to edit an existing map:

If this is your first time using Aardvark Map or you just want to generate a fresh map, click here

If you have previously used Aardvark Map to generate a custom map and want to edit it, enter the
   map ID code into the box below and click the "Get the Map" button.

Map ID:

  Step 1 - Create / Edit map & plot your markers Help (?)

Step 1 sets up the map and allows you to plot your own markers

Zoom in to the required part of the world:
   Click on Regional Quicklinks to jump to regions and countries quickly.
   To centre the map, double click on it (very handy before zooming).
   Zooming is done using the zoom ladder on the left or the +/- signs on the top/bottom.

Optionally plot your own marker icons on the map:
     Zoom in fairly close then click once on the map to add the marker.
     Zoom in closer and drag the marker to the appropriate point.
     Alternatively, the "Add by postal code" and "Add by co-ordinates" can be used to add markers.

Details can be added to each marker by clicking on it & filling in any of the boxes (all are optional).
   To keep the updated text, click the "Save the text" button, otherwise click the X on the bubble.
   Please remember to use line breaks for long sentences to make it more readable.

Regional Quicklinks Add points by postal code Add points by co-ordinates

Click to go to step 2 - Adding Overlays

  Step 2 - Select any overlay content Help (?)

Step 2 allows you to automatically add extra icons to the maps

Along with your own custom icons placed in step 1, Aardvark Map gives you the option to automatically add other content onto your map from our partner sites. If you don't want any of this extra content, skip to step 3.

To add the content overlays, simply select select the appropriate checkboxes below.

To make things easier, the extra content is split into groups depending on data type & location.
For ideas about how you might use this, see the help section.

Please note: These icons will not appear on the map in step 1, but will appear in the final version which you can see when you generate the map code in step 3.


Click the appropriate "Show/Hide Options" link to reveal the checkboxes for each set of data

 All UK Sites: Show / Hide Options

 Western Europe Hotels: Show / Hide Options

 Eastern Europe Hotels: Show / Hide Options

 US Hotels: Show / Hide Options

Click to go to step 3 - Save Map & Get Code


  Step 3 - Save map & generate new code Help (?)

Step 3 saves the map and provides you with the unique map code:

Once any custom points and content overlays have been added, you can generate the map code.

Below Aardvark Map generates various types of links allowing you to link to the map in various ways. Full details about the various linking types are included in the help section, but there are options covering various possibilities from embedding the map in your site, to linking to it in an e-mail.

Just select the most appropriate code for your usage of the map.


Please update the map in step 1 before requesting code

Click help link above for details:
Hide content overlay boxes
Use transparent iFrame

iFrame Embedded Map:

Web Site Link:

E-mailable Link:

BBcode for Forums:

Map ID Code:

If you would like the code e-mailed to you, or sent to your web site designer, click the
appropriate link below and an e-mail should appear in your e-mail program ready to send.